Sunday, March 17, 2019

Important Upcoming Events

Thursday, March 21st:  E.C.O. Lesson:  
Please help your child to come prepared to spend the morning outdoors.  Students should wear their winter jackets, snowpants, hats, waterproof gloves, and boots.  

Wednesday, March 27th:  P.E. Lab- Mallory Brook Trail
Please return permission slips this coming Monday, March 18th.

Thursday, April 4th, 5:30 to 7:00 pm:  Celebration of Learning

Friday, April 5th:  Student-Led Conferences  
Please return your conference sign up as soon as possible.

April 13th to April 21st:  April Vacation

Thursday April 25th:  E.C.O. Lesson

We are taking a short break from sharing so we can participate in some longer morning meeting greetings and activities.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Squishy Circuits and Paper Circuits!

I had been hoping to share information about this project with families at the Celebration of Learning.  Since we are rescheduling this event for April 4th, I will share some info about this work now.

Throughout December and January, we learned about electricity during our classroom Discovery times and our Technology Integration times with Arlyn.  This unit focused on creating simple, parallel, and series circuits.  The best part of this unit is that it is completely hands-on and minds-on!

First, we went into the Makerspace to create Squishy Circuits.  In pairs, students started by creating simple circuits using special salt dough that acts as a conductor.  We also had battery packs and LED lights. After they mastered the simple circuits, students had time to practice making parallel and series circuits that used additional materials, such as fans and buzzers.  Very exciting and action-packed!

After learning about circuits with the dough, I also asked students to demonstrate their understanding of the different types of circuits by drawing and labeling scientific illustrations.





Next, we switched locations to the Library to start making Paper Circuits.  This time, partners created simple, parallel, and series circuits using paper, special tape that conducts electricity, sticky lights, and batteries.  

For our final projects, students worked independently to create their own paper circuit projects.  This project used a variety of technology.  Students created a Google Drawing that shows a winter scene or object.  Then, they worked individually with Arlyn to decide which parts of the drawing would be cut out and used the Cricut to print and cut their designs.

In the classroom, we read a book called Winter: An Alphabet Acrostic by Steven Shnur and illustrated by Leslie Evans.  This book that shows wonderful examples of winter-themed acrostic poems and illustrations.  Then, we wrote our own acrostic poems that will accompany our winter design.  I was impressed with students' creativity and beautiful descriptions.

Finally, we put all of the different parts of this project together to create a light-up winter paper design.  We also used Book Creator to show our designs and poems.  This app also allows students to practice their fluency by recording themselves reading their poems.  Arlyn will print class books of these designs and poems.  We are excited to share these projects with you at the Celebration of Learning.

School Spirit Week

February 18-22, 2019
Show your school, spirit by participating in these special days! REMEMBER all clothing choices, hairdos, hats, etc. must be examples of safe, respectful and responsible behavior!
“When in doubt don’t wear it out!”(Or to school!)

Monday : School Colors Day!  Wear maroon and/or white today!  

Tuesday : Crazy Hat and Hair Day! Choose a safe, responsible, respectful way to show your spirit with a crazy hat or  crazy hair! (This is also a Winter Wellness day!)

Wednesday : Book Character Day!
Dress as a favorite character from a favorite book today!

Thursday : Career Day!  What are your hopes and dreams for your future?  What do you want to be when you grow up? Dress like that job!

Friday : Jersey Day/Favorite Tee Shirt Day! Support your favorite team by “sporting” a jersey that represents them, OR wear your favorite tee shirt!  

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

P.E. Lab Ice Skating Field Trip Update


We are hoping for cooperative weather on Wednesday so the students will get to go skating for their Lab... and so we don't have another snow day and be here until July! If we do have any sort of delay or cancellation, we will reschedule the lab for another day later in the year.

If you're someone that volunteered to drive, please plan on being in Mrs. Giammusso's classroom by 9:15.  This way students can get in and get settled before we get ready to go.

We plan on leaving around 9:30-9:45, arriving at the outdoor rink by 10:00 and skating until around 11:30. We have the option of an outdoor picnic at the rink, or to come back to school and dine in Mrs. G's classroom. Either way, students should be back to school by 12:30 the latest.
Please remember to send your student to school with their skates and helmet, if they have them. We have other helmets and skates for anyone that noted on the permission slip that they need them. Ski pants, gloves, hats, and a warm jacket are required for this activity. Students should remember to pack water and a lunch for this trip as well.  If students signed up for a bag lunch, they can pick it up in the cafeteria tomorrow morning.

A last note for drivers; if you're level 1 screened, expect to drive only your student. We will have lists of what students will drive with which adult on Wednesday morning. Thank you so much for volunteering your time and supporting our students in new activities.

Mike Blanchard

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Winter Concert: New Date and Time

Thursday, February 7th 2019
2:30 pm 


Performances by:
K-3 Students & 4-6 Chorus
Friends and family welcome!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Bake Sale

Bake Sale

To benefit the Central VT Humane Society

Thursday, January  17th

All items 50¢

Sponsored by Wednesday Morning PBIS Groups - Mrs. Fitch, Mrs. Gariboldi, Mrs. Giammusso, Mrs. Zeilenga

Upcoming Events

Bake Sale to benefit the Central Vermont Humane Society:  Thursday, January 17th: 8:30-9:15 am

Band/Chorus Concert: Thursday, January 17th, 6 pm (gym)
(2nd graders will not be performing at this concert)

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no school):  Monday, January 21st

Inservice Day (no school for students:  Tuesday, January 22nd

K-3/Chorus Concert: Thursday, January 24th, 5:30 pm (gym)

Winter Wellness Days:  Monday, January 28th, Tuesday, February 5th, and Monday, February 11th (afternoons)

P.E. Lab: Wednesday, February 13th (am)

I Love East Montpelier Day: Thursday, February 14th

Celebration of Learning:  Thursday, February 21st (evening)

Winter Vacation: February 23rd to March 5th (school resumes on March 6th)